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Blastking’s Vivid LED Series offers turnkey solutions for all of your LED video wall needs. Design a custom configuration, or choose from one of our popular plug and play video wall packages. Also now available are the portable, freestanding LED posters that come standard with a 2.5 mm pixel pitch for a visually vibrant experience. All Vivid products are built with the highest quality components and are powered by Novastar processing.


The VIVID series of LED panels made by BLASTKING is the point where the highest quality components and latest technology, meets affordability. The VIVID series is a high resolution, 3.9 mm pixel pitch LED video panel. It comes in options of IP40 or IP65, with countless size configurations. Each panel is 500 mm. by 1000 mm. and is constructed with the highest quality components such as Nationstar LEDs. Each video wall has a refresh rate of 1920 MHz, and all our packages come standard with Novastar processors, flight cases, bumpers and all essential accessories.

LED Panels with Flight Case

Slim and light design for quick and simple installation

The design makes it possible to vertically hang up to 16 panels

Designed for indoor or outdoor use

Featuring two models, IP40 and IP65, it is ideal for indoor and outdoor events

Easy connection between modules

Powerlock connectors integrated for safe and simple connection


Custom LED screen sizes are available


LED Poster

The VIVID series of LED posters by BLASTKING is an alternative to traditional roll-up banners. 

It can be widely used in stores, shopping malls, exhibitions, trade shows, events, restaurants, hotels, bars, and schools.

  • PITCH 2.5MM

  • 5.77' x 2.09'

  • Light Weight & Ultra-thin Frame


  • link multiple led panels

    V2P-12 LINK Model

  • LED Poster Flight Case included

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